Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I've got a good news for me

With the help of my friend, I'd be able to manage money for funds (I'm currently doing for US markets, but got chance in Indian markets) to invest in Indian Markets. I have got some tight agreement to sign that gives guarantee on investments. I've to accept to that agreement since I'm a starter and there is no other way for me than accepting to this agreement. I've got so many strategies and I've infact followed all those strategies now for the accounts of my friend (which is around Rs.4Lakhs). Most importantly I've made profits using those strategies. I made some calculations and come out with the possible profits and chances of losses and how to minimize those and come out with profits. I have agreed for 12% guaranteed return to my investors. It doesn't matter whether I make or lose money I'm suppose to return 12% to my investors. I did that and I might be signing contract within a fortnight with pool of investors. If possible, I'd probably scan those agreements and display it in this blog(with the permission of those investors, if not permitted not possible).  I guess this would be a start for me in India. I'm also speaking with few investors. Let me see who would bet on me. I'm a starter and don't have much credibility to show it to my investors. Let's see how things move from here.

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