Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trading is not easy

Last week is really really hectic. I've been reading, reading and reading lots and lots of things. I learned that Trading is not that fucking easy. I thought that intelligence could work in markets and I've been proved dead wrong. I've to caution everyone about trading. If you're an IIM  or Harvard MBA or from Wharton School of Business there is a huge possibility that you could lose lot of money in trading. There is no doubt that you'd definitely be smarter than others. Unfortunately Markets doesn't care a shit about you. That's the beauty of markets. If you ever think that having an MBA from premium school matters in trading, then you'd lose more since your ego would makes you to lose lot more than mediocre traders (like me). I don't have intelligence to have boat load of egos with me. Atleast this could be helpful for me to cut my losses, since I won't be having problem to admit that I'm wrong. But wait, have I done that in my trading. Honestly no! I've waited waited and waited to see some of my stocks going below 30%-50% of my initial buying price. I've to admit that I'm a complete asshole in managing egos. Now after so many tuition fees ( Losses in stocks) I've somehow ( that's true, still not completely) adjusted and cut my losses within 5%. This is really working. I've been saved by big fall. This is true. A trader who takes early losses would sustain for long period of time. I'm amazed when I saw this working for me. I don't care for others. I'm talking only from my point of view. Cutting losses earlier is really really working for me. Now I'm trying to become a trend follower. Initially I was laughing about others who speak about technical analysis (Still I don't believe in lot of technical analysts,since most of them are big failure) and trend following. I learned in a hard way from my own experience. Trend following really works. For that you should concentrate only on fucking price and not about other opinions. Another important thing is shedding ego. This is not taught at B-schools and at least world is not flat as thought by IIMers, Harvards of this world. In Trading everything is same, it would remain same for years to come. Everyone are equal. You could be a drop out, An MBA from world class B-School or a PhD in Quantum Physics,but markets doesn't care a shit about who you're and what is your qualification. It would continuously do what it wants to do irrespective of your opinions. Trading is not easy. Will be continued...., 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What is my credibility?

Credibility is most important for anyone to give advise in stock markets. Anyone can write about anything about stock markets. At end of the day is the person qualified enough to give the suggestions or advise is what a wise man think about the suggestions he read from the sources.

What is my credibility?

I started my trading in the year 2006. BSE crashes 1000 points in the first month of my trading history. I witnessed 1000 points collapse in my first month of my trading career. I didn't lose money because I didn't had any positions.

2006 is losing year. I lost 7 lakh rupees in that year. My most unforgettable loss is Unitech. I lost around Rs.60000 in that trade. I'll write this in another post.

2007 is my 2nd year of my career. I lost 6 lakhs in that year. I clearly predicted financial crisis, but was bit earlier to short the market. I took lots of put options and eventually lost lots and lots of money.

2008 is my 3rd year of my career. I made huge bucks in that year by simply shorting the markets. September and October are important months of the year that gave me huge bucks and I covered all my previous losses (13 Lakhs in 2 years) and was infact in profits in my career as a trader.

2009 is a block buster year for me. I simply watched Nifty rallying from 2500 levels to 3000 without doing single trade. I was preparing for May election trade. I made trade of my life and made a blockbuster return in a single week ( bought a house on the trade without any loan) . After that I went overseas to manage money for a family office.

2010 is no trade year.

2011 lost almost 5 lakhs (Despite this 5 lakhs loss, I'm still in huge profits in my trading career) in trading. I lost almost 2-3 lakhs by shorting Gold.

2012 - No trade . I'm yet to trade because I've invested my money in Real estate. The trades which I've mentioned this year are all done for my clients (All are friends) and I've not made any personal trade for my account.

If I look into my history I've to admit that I don't have any fucking credibility to give suggestions or advise to anyone in trading. I'm not giving it to anyone. I knew that I'm unfit to advise but I'm fit to learn lot of things in trading. I've read more than 25 books in this year alone and all are real gems.

Examples : Jack Schwagger - Stock Market Wizards
Buffettology, How to be a stock market genius and so many books on trading. I'm still planned to read lots and lots of books.

Hope I'd be able to learn and become qualified to help others ( I don't like giving advise, because I know that I'm unfit) in trading. 

Make no Mistake - I don't have Credibility!