Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shankar Sharma Used Media to exit his holdings

Shankar Sharma is one of the famed broker of First Global who has various predictions that made him an iconoclastic or celebrity among informed traders. He rightly predicted New Highs of 2008, and again the crash of 2008 , Sell call on PSU Banks and you name it he has done most of the things correctly.

Jan 13, 2011 Interview on Market Correction

Markets could fall by 10-20% in 2011: Shankar Sharma

Recently he (January) appeared in Television channels and made a propaganda that Indian Markets could go new highs and INR could come around 45 bucks against USD and he added that India Macro is great. I'm one  of the guy who believed his words, but fortunately I didn't invested in Markets. I'd say that its purely because of luck that I didn't entered the markets because the investment which I intends to invest is (currently) locked in Real Estate ( Thankfully with nice profits- Again Lucky than my intelligence).

This is Recent Interview with ET: 

Shankar's big call of INR Appreciation - Jan 22, 2012

Shankar Sharma's big call for 2012: A strong rupee, 45-46 to dollar

Indian GDP outpacing Chinese GDP - Feb 27, 2012

This is the stunner

If Shankar Sharma believe that markets are going to go for new high why in this world he should unnecessarily concentrate on new biz that would take time to become profitable. This could be tricky question or else it could be unrealistic question, but Shankar needs to answer this question to all his viewers.

Well, my key take away is IN STOCK MARKETS EVERYONE HAVE VESTED INTERESTS. There is no room for sentiments. Markets are meant only to make money and we should never, never believe in the words of anyone irrespective of his/her credibility.

I've not lost money in the markets. But I've been blinded (I've to admit this) by the views of this guy whom I'd great respect. Here is the guy who said that markets would go new high, but is winding up the business and getting hell out from the markets and he still believes that listeners should believe his words.


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